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Canada East-Coast Offshore Data


Canesis Data is adding to its substantial offshore Newfoundland seismic database with 47,000 km of new projects covering the Orphan Basin, Jeanne d'Arc Basin and Flemish Pass

 and timed to meet the requirement for data over the 2018 offered blocks.


This scanned hard-copy data from public domain sources has been vectorized to provide an extraordinary opportunity to acquire a comprehensive seismic database over a huge area at low cost.


The recently completed PAREX project provides a unique seismic overview of the entire Jeanne d'Arc Basin and Flemish Pass and has been described by a major client as "essential to our understanding of the basin".


To supplement the PAREX project, Canesis has vectorized 30 inlines and 32 crosslines from the 1998 Riverhead 3D survey. This provides a closely-spaced grid over 2018 Call for Bids area NL18-CFB02-01.


An additional project to vectorise elements of a large 2007 3D survey in the Orphan Basin is also under consideration. The intended project will comprise up to 120 inlines and 48 crosslines.

All other data shown is available now.


Map of Newfoundland area seismic data



Sample of Orphan Basin Package Line OR0-103

Vectorised data sample