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Canada East-Coast Offshore Data


Canesis data currently offers three 3D seismic surveys offshore Canada's East Coast totalling approx. 1160

This scanned hard-copy data from public domain sources has been vectorised to provide a compact and low-cost introduction to the Jeanne d'Arc Basin.


In 2016 it is intended to produce a large 2D dataset extending from the N. E. Newfoundland offshore area, through the Jeane d'Arc Basin and continuing

south of the island to the Scotian Shelf. The map shows the currently envisaged scenario, although this is subject to revision. Data will start to become

available from May 2016.


The additional data shown off the west coast of Newfoundland may be produced if found to be of interest.


A major project offshore Labrador is also under consideration for Q3 2016.


Newfoundland seismic data map