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Congo (Brazzaville) Seismic & Well Datasets


1700 km of 2D vectorised offshore seismic data - Amoco 1984 - 1986, migrated + intersecting 1988 Gabon spec. line.

1008 km of 2D onshore vectorised seismic data.

Digitised well log data from 25 offshore wells in LAS format. For most wells, additional lithological and other information is also provided.

VSP data, scanned, vectorised and reprocessed is available for certain wells.

Many sets of scanned well reports (without logs) and other general reports.


Congo map of Canesis seismic and well data.


Well Logs Available Listing


BEM-1 (Bela Marine-1)
BUGM-1 (Boungou Marine-1)
COM-1 (Conkouati)
KAM-1 (Kaba Marine 1)
KIM-1 (Kitoko Marine 1)
LIMBA-1 (Limba Marine-1)
LIMBA-2 (Limba Marine-2)
LIMBA-W-1 (Limba West Marine-1)
LKFM-1 (Likoufou Marine - 1) *
LMS-1X (Litela Marine Sud - 1X)
LNM-1 (Likouala Nord Marine - 1)
LTZSM-1 (Litanzi Sud Marine - 1) *
MASM-1 (Massala Marine 1)
MBM-1 (Mambili Marine - 1)
MIK_M-1 (Mikourou Marine 1)
MUHM-1 (Muhanga Marine - 1)
NOGM-1 (Nongo Marine - 1)
NOGM-2 (Nongo Marine - 2)
NVM-1 (N'Vouka Marine - 1)
PSM-3 (Paloukou Sud Marine - 3)
SIAM-1 (Sialivakou 1)
SKM-1 (Seka Marine - 1)
SUM-1 (Sounza Marine - 1)
VAM-1 (Vandji Marine 1)
VDM-2 (Vandji Marine 2)


* VSP Projects: Canesis is collaborating with Upwave Ltd. in the production of 2016 reprocessed full VSP and synthetic seismogram reports.

The wells involved in this trial include LKFM-1, LTZSM-1 and LKFSM-1.

Vectorised VSP data is optimally processed to derive zero phase high bandwidth multiple-free VSP corridor stacks.

Data is output at high frequency and seismic match bandwidths and integrated with synthetic seismograms and seismic data to supply a three-way tie at the well.

The report deliverables are in digital formats including SEGY and Excel.