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Canesis, in collaboration with Petroscan Ltd., has 3 Indonesia seismic reconstruction projects currently in production.


1. East Java Sea: 2000km project between the islands of Bawean, Madura and East Java (illustrated below). This project is now available for licence.


2. Malacca Strait: An approx. 1230km project offshore Sumatra (see below), possibly extendable to 2800km. This project is now available for licence.


3. Tarakan Basin/Makassar Strait: This project is in the data selection stage and not yet finalised. It will constitute about 3000km seismic data offshore N. E. Kalimantan. Available Q3 2016.


East Java Sea

Java Sea seismic data



Malacca Strait

Malacca Strait seismic data