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Libya - EPSA IV Licence Rounds - Data Packages


Canesis Data, in association with Target Geodata Ltd., participated in the Libyan Government's past EPSA IV licenceRounds as a supplier of vectorized seismic data and digitised well log data to a number of oil company clients on a non-exclusive basis.


The companies have processed in excess of 2700 seismic sections and over 320 wells and this database remains available to bona-fide interested parties. Please check regularly for updated information.


Scenic terrain in the west of Libya

Areas covered by the database include (click on link for detail page):



The datasets feature seismic data in SEG-Y format, well log data in LAS format and (for some blocks)

evaluation reports in pdf format. For listings, please e-mail libya at canesis dot net (substituting symbols).

Scenic terrain in the west of Libya



Overview of seismic and well datasets



N. W. Ghadames South Ghadames West Sirte N. E. Sirte East Sirte S. E. Sirte Cyrenaica North Cyrenaica Area 94 Kufra Murzuq