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Colour custom well log display

Digitising well logs is simple in concept but fiendishly difficult to do properly. Anybody can follow a single curve, but when things get complex you have to be sure that your contractor understands the data.

Log Digitising


Well log displays come in every conceivable shape, size and layout format and it is an essential requirement of a quality log digitising service that it must be able to be able to make sense of anything presented to it.


Unusual forms of data are increasingly emerging from the archives of many countries recently opened up to international exploration and Canesis' digitising specialists have wide experience in handling such data and in providing accurate digital output from it.



Libya - Bulgarian rig & logging truck




Bulgarian logging unit operating in Libya - 1981





  • Scanning of log prints
  • Accurate digitising from scanned images
  • Digital capture of log header details
  • Digital files in LAS/LIS format
  • Verification of tape data against field prints


We can handle all of the following common formats as standard:


  • Combination Log & Linear Scale Prints
  • Conventional Field Logs - 3 track B&W prints
  • Russian – style, multi-colour, overlapping tracks
  • Composite Log Plots
  • Custom design – multi-track, multi-colour prints (see detail - left)


The standard deliverables are fully SPWLA compliant LAS format files plus the scanned TIFF images and spreadsheet catalogue of curve details
supplied on CD-ROM or by e-mail/FTP. However, other file formats and media types are also supported.