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Map digitising - QC plot of Digitised seismic lines overlaid on scanned map



Map Digitising


World image - map digitising





As with most geoscience contractors, Canesis is in the business of processing maps because our seismic and well datasets need to be viewed in a spatial context. However, mapping for us is not an afterthought assigned to a junior staff member. We approach our navigational data with the same attitude to quality as we do our other services.


Many problems with seismic navigation involve corruption of the data in processing following digitisation of base maps. All Canesis digitised maps are georeferenced again in the QC process and the final output data is superimposed on the map image. This checks the original georeferencing, the standard of the digitising and the integrity of the formatted output file. It ensures that any discrepancies are resolved before the data reaches the hands of the client.





  • Data Capture from paper or film
  • Digitising of shotpoint, contour and geological structure maps (including well locations, polylines, faults and text)
  • Identification of unknown projections
  • Provision of datum & spheroid parameters
  • Co-ordinate / projection conversion
  • Data output in text & alphanumerical formats