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Non-Proprietary Database


Canesis Data has produced a selection of non-proprietary data from public domain and industry sources and offers it for general sale.

Most datasets are scanned and vectorised. Others, where indicated, are original digits data.


Canesis holds data from Algeria, Argentina, Cameroon, Canada, China, Congo (Brazzaville), Gabon, Indonesia, Iran, Libya, Morocco, Myanmar, Philippines, Tunisia and Vietnam.


Listings, shapefiles and sample data are available for most of the datasets on request.



  • Neuquén Basin. A database of well logs from 3900 wells, 47000 km of 2D seismic data, 10000 sq km of 3D seismic data (not vectorised data).
  • Vaca Muerta Essentials Package. A subset of the above containing 8234 km 2D, 3481 sq km 3D seismic, logs from 313 wells and geochem reports.
  • Offshore South Atlantic. 8700 km of 2D scanned and vectorised seismic data and well log data from 14 offshore wells.



  • 957 Km 2D offshore seismic data vectorized and migrated
  • Well Logs from 15 wells.




Congo (Brazzaville)

  • 2600 km of offshore and land 2D seismic data.
  • Digitised well logs from 25 wells.
  • Extensive scanned report database from 29 wells.
  • Reprocessed VSP data from 4 wells.



  • 21000 km, 2D seismic data (total of available segy data and un-vectorised scans).
  • 642 sq. Km, 3D seismic data (original - not vectorised).
  • A collection of digitised well log data comprising 49 wells in LAS format and, in most cases, a significant amount of lithological and other information.



  • Java Sea: 2500km between the island of Bawean and the islands of East Java and Madura. Available now.
  • Malacca Strait: 2800km offshore Sumatra. Available now.
  • Natuna Basin: 14750km project north of Natuna Island. Available now.
  • Tarakan Basin/Makassar Strait: Up to 14,800km vectorised seismic data (11,500km now available) and 7050km of reprocessed seismic data.



  • Well log suites: Data from 171 wells over much of the country and offshore areas.
  • 2100 Km 2D onshore seismic data



  • Cyrenaica
  • Ghadames
  • Kufra
  • Offshore
  • Sirte

See Libya summary page for additional information.




  • 4602 km of 2D vectorised offshore seismic data.
  • 386 km of 2D onshore vectorised seismic data.
  • Digitised well log data from 12 offshore wells in LAS format





Three vectorised seismic packages and one brokered 3rd party seismic package.

  • Irrawaddy Delta - 1562 Km 2D seismic data.
  • Tenasserim Blocks M13/14 - 1048 Km 2D seismic data.
  • Andaman Sea - 2321 Km 2D seismic data.
  • Andaman Sea - 7850 Km brokered 2D seismic data.


North Africa Well Log Database & brokered 2D seismic data

A collection of digitised well log data comprising 630 wells from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya.

Offshore and onshore Tunisa 2D seismic data, onshore Algerian 2D seismic data and additional Libya, Ghadames Basin, 2D seismic data.



Proposed projects. 3000 km 2D seismic data offshore Puntland and 2200 km 2D seismic onshore Lamu Basin.


South China Sea

China, Philippines and Vietnam datasets.

Approximately 40,000 km of seismic projects, complete, in-progress and in development.

Well logs from 30 wells offshore southern Vietnam.