Canesis, in collaboration with Petroscan Ltd., has 3 Indonesia seismic reconstruction projects currently in production.
1. East Java Sea: 2000 km project between the islands of Bawean, Madura and East Java (illustrated below). This project is now available for licence.
2. Sumatra Six projects offshore Sumatra 13029 km. These projects are available for licence.
3. Natuna Basin An approx. 14750 km project north of Natuna Island. This project is now available for licence.
4. Tarakan Basin/Makassar Strait: Up to 14,800 km vectorised seismic data (11,500 km now available) and 7050 km of reprocessed seismic data.

East Java Sea


Stick map of Sumatra offshore data and wells

Natuna Basin

Natuna Basin Seismic Data

Tarakan Basin

Tarakan Basin Seismic Data