Canesis Data is a service company in the oil and gas exploration sector. Based in Scotland, we produce worldwide packages of seismic and well data from archive sources and offer these for licensing to the industry.

Our particular speciality is the reconditioning of hard copy exploration data archives to enable their use in modern interpretation workstations.

Canesis’ personnel have a long track record in this area and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to bear on the innumerable challenges presented by the data with which they work, which may occasionally be disfigured, damaged or fragile.

“Oil and gas exploration data has no value as fading documents on a warehouse rack. Scanning and vectorizing makes archives accessible, interpretable and much more valuable.”


Canesis Data was founded in 2003 with the objective of providing client-focussed data conditioning services in response to increasing demand, most particularly in the area of seismic trace reconstruction (vectorizing). In recent years the company’s main focus has shifted into producing and supplying packages of non-proprietary legacy data to companies moving into previously explored areas and the service side of the business has been transferred to Petroscan.

The company was established by Gordon MacMillan. Gordon has an extensive background in the exploration industry. His early employment was in wireline field services with Schlumberger and SSL Well Survey Division. In the early 80’s he became a director of Merlin Profilers (Velpro), a well seismic service company in the Merlin Geophysical group, which later became a part of the Merlin Profilers group of companies which itself was taken over by Schlumberger.

In 1986 he played a leading role in the buyout of Velpro from Schlumberger and its re-emergence as Spectrum Geophysical Services (later Spectrum Energy and Information Technology and now part of TGS) and served as Operations Director of that company. In 1993 he was a co-founder of Seiscan Geodata and served as Managing Director until its purchase by Robertson Research International in 2003.

Seismic Data

Canesis vectorises seismic data obtained from public-domain sources, open licensing rounds, oil companies and other data owners. The resulting datasets are available on a licensed basis at modest cost.

Our data finds a variety of uses in the hands of our clients. It enables the confidential reconnaissance of areas of interest and can be used to infill gaps in more recent and costly surveys.

In situations where officially available data is constrained to specific concession boundaries, it is often used to obtain a wider view of the surrounding area.

Seismic data is supplied with navigation survey data loaded to trace headers in addition to industry standard text formats.

Image courtesy of Shearwater GeoServices

Well Data

Canesis also scans and digitises well log data packages, together with ancillary well data compiled from scanned archives and legacy reports.

Well log data is supplied in industry-standard LAS format. Other forms of document are supplied as text-searchable PDF files.

A recent product innovation is the reprocessing of legacy VSP data by vectorizing the VSP wavefields from the images contained in the original scanned reports. The resulting data is then processed to current industry standards by our associates at Upwave Ltd.

Rigging Down a VSP survey in 1983 – Image by Gordon MacMillan


The service division of Canesis Data Limited has been transferred to its associated company, Petroscan Limited and the company will, in future, focus on the development of its non-proprietary data sales.

Petroscan will scan and convert your paper or film archives of seismic sections, well logs and maps into valuable, workstation-ready digital data in industry standard formats. It will do this quickly, economically and to the highest quality.

Petroscan uses Canesis’ proprietary WinTrack software in its seismic vectorising services.

Image courtesy of Petroscan