Vietnam Southern Regional:

For at least 12 years, Canesis Data has offered a seismic data package known as the Vietnam S. E. Regional, which has been a considerable hit with clients. This project combines the GSI 1974 speculative survey and the eastern part of a 1970 group-shoot acquired by Ray Geophysical for the South China Sea Combine. The stack seismic sections used are the result of the original processing.

Following a data-sharing agreement with a U.S. university, Canesis has access to scanned sections of later re-processings. These are a 1990 reprocessing of the SCSC data and a 1986 reprocessing of the GSI data, both completed as final migrations. It also includes the western extension of the SCSC survey and, as it now extends around the southwest of the country, the package name is changed to Vietnam Southern Regional.

The old S. E. Regional package was licensed to quite a number of clients over the years. If any of those wish to “upgrade” to the extended and migrated new version, we will be happy to make allowance for their previous investment in our quotation.